Where do the criminally insane go after death?

Bob loses it. He takes his gun and starts shooting people down in the street. He steals a car and runs over children crossing the street. The police finally arrest him. He is deemed mentally irresponsible and is institutionalised. He is treated with therapy and medication. He is kept of the streets to protect society. Years later, he dies. Does he go to heaven?

If someone is insane, cannot distinguish right from wrong, our judicial system recognises even the most violent criminal as irresponsible of his acts. He is treated, not punished.

What does god do?

If he sends him to hell, how can that be just, since he is incapable of knowing better. Even if he is somehow responsable at some level, how is that fair compared to someone who had all his wits.

If he sends him to heaven, how is any better? If crazy people get a free ticket to heaven, isn’t that the greatest deal there is? Why doesn’t god make us all crazy.

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