Who created the creator?

Who created the creator?

One important argument for the existence of god is that of “first cause”. Something cannot come from nothing. The universe cannot have just popped out of nowhere. There must have been a creator!

Who created the creator? Where does god come from?

If you can accept that god just exists or has existed forever, why can’t you substitute « god » with « universe »?

We do not know why something exists at all, instead of nothing. But we are still looking.

Not knowing does not allow us to give up and say « god! ».


Why did he build such a big universe?

Joe is a billionaire. He does not have a family, but he loves his cat. He decides to build a house, a very big house, with a thousand rooms. The cat explores a little, but mostly stays near the radiator, the cushion and his food bowl. What did Joe expect? Why did he build such a big house?

There are countless billions of planets in the universe. They are all empty but one. We explored a little, but mostly stay on our one planet. What did god expect? Why did he build such a big universe?


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