Do you really pray for your team?

Bob is looking forward to the big game. He has prayed every night for them to win the championship. He goes to the stadium with his friends and they take a beer down to their seats. The game is great, with the suspense high to the last minute.

Joe is an avid fan for his team. He prays for their victory all the way to the stadium. He meets his friends and they are held at the edge of their seats until the last minutes of play. With a score during overtime, Joe’s team wins. They are ecstatic!

Walking out of the stadium, Bob and his friends are disappointed.They yell obscenities to the fans of the winning team. A fight is barely avoided.

Did God intervene?

You pray for your team to win. What does god do? Does he change his plan and have your team win? Does god ever change his plans? What if another fan prayed for his team, does god choose? On what basis does he choose? Wouldn’t he have chosen the same without your prayer?

What can prayer mean?


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