Jesus, the cruel joke

Jesus is central to christian belief. Without him you go to heaven. And to hell with everyone else. Basically, it seems you go to heaven if you personally, explicitly accept Jesus as your savior.

What about the billions of pre-christ people living since prehistoric times? Even if you believe the earth is only a few thousand years old, that still adds up to a lot of people. Do they all go to hell? Or do they get a free « get out of jail » card because Jesus had not appeared yet? If they get to go to heaven « for free », why did Jesus come at all? If he hadn’t everyone would go to heaven…

So, just people who have lived and who live since Jesus. What about the vast majority of people who are not christians? Do they all go to hell? That is close to 70% of the world population that is condemned.

What is Jesus doing to save them? Why is Jesus not coming back every week to show off his miracles and give these people a chance to be saved? He came once, so it must be allowed.

It is the same problem with every « unique, true religion » excluding everyone else. That’s a lot of people to exclude…

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Start the week with a quote: Jim Jeffries


Did god, as Jesus, plan to have himself nailed to a cross?

Jesus, as god, elaborates a complicated plan to forgive us. Somehow god, as Jesus, is nailed to a cross and dies in agony. Of course, god, as Jesus, does not really feel pain or die. But it does get the message across. To convince the world, he needs the drama. The betrayal by Judas is especially powerful, he plays an important part in the show. This was the best way for Jesus, as god, to forgive us our sins.

I always feel sorry for Judas, he, not god, made the ultimate sacrifice for the plan to succeed. Without him, we might never have recognised Jesus as our saviour. Too bad he never gets the recognition he deserves.

So, what’s the point? Why go through all this theatre to forgive mankind? If god wanted to forgive mankind, why didn’t he just do it?

More than this ineffable forgiveness, the point seems more to have been to trick people into believing in him. Is that really how god works? If it was all a show, all manipulation, nothing was sincere, what is the message? The end justifies the means? Is that his teaching?


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