Is he sending someone else to heaven in your place?

Free will explains why people do bad things. God gave us free will so that we could prove ourselves. When we pass judgment, we are rewarded with heaven for all eternity.

We strongly feel that « we » actually means what it usually means: we are the same person, with our memories, our character. Our power of decision, our free will.

If this is correct, basically god created a place where we have free will but there is only good. There is no violence, fear, hatred.
So what’s the point of our life on earth? Why couldn’t he have given us free will and a perfect society to start with? It’s not incompatible since that’s what heaven is.
Is it just to test us, just to be able to send some of us to hell for all eternity? Seems incredibly not cool, with emphasis on « incredibly ».

The other option is that when we go to heaven, we are no longer “we”. We are no longer the same person. Someone else is going to heaven in our place.

Heaven cannot make any sense. Either we are no longer « us » or it cannot be perfect.

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Bob goes to heaven. What does he do all day?

Bob goes to heaven. What does he do all day?

Heaven, in one form or another, is one of the basic pillars of religion. Believing in God is believing in « a better place » after your death. Heaven is perfect. You will always be happy with all your friends and family. The sky will always be blue.

But what could a perfect place actually be like? Even if you forget the idea of sitting on a cloud playing a harp, what could heaven be like?

Let’s stop to think about perfect. Perfect cannot get better. So perfect cannot change.

But think about your perfect day.

  • Playing hokey.
  • Going on an adventure.
  • Meeting someone new.
  • Getting that job.
  • Getting married.
  • A great mystery novel or movie.
  • Working in your community.
  • A walk on the beach.
  • A crazy party where you drank too much.
  • Winning the game.

Cheating, anticipation, (a little) fear, discovery, accomplishment, promises, suspense, helping, sharing, excess, success…


In heaven, with everything perfect, how could there be change? Cheating seems out of the question, along with fear and excess. If everything will always be perfect, how could there be suspense? What would be the point of promises? If everything is already perfect, how can you accomplish anything, who is there to help? Winning the game usually means someone is loosing. Even sharing is a transition from something not shared…

Take that perfect moment at the beach. Half asleep in the shade. A little breeze in your hair. A cool drink at your side. A good book. A loved one. Would you want that every day, forever? Forever is a really long time. How could you imagine a heaven where you wouldn’t be bored out of your mind?

It is hard to picture yourself alone in heaven. You don’t get to meet new people, or only for a while. It doesn’t take eternity to meet everyone. You would be with your favorite people. Are your favorite people the same as the favorite people of your favorite people? Are your favorite activities the same as the favorite activities of your favorite people? Does everyone like the same things? Is there only one heaven?

A better world today?

Since we are who we are, our perfect world is a better world. Could heaven be our world, just better? No more disease, hunger, accidents, natural disasters. No more crime, injustice, discrimination, fear. Every child having the opportunity to become what he or she wants.

Isn’t that the world we are trying to build today?

What does your heaven look like?

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