Is pure evil just insanity? Except for the faithful…

Bob mugs an old lady to steal her purse. That’s evil. He is hungry and finds it easier to steal than to work. He puts his well-being before that of the old lady.

Joe buys a new TV. That’s nice. He prefers to spend his money on himself, instead of helping others that are more in need than he is. He puts his well-being before that of starving children in Africa.

There is a line somewhere beyond which you are bad

We all pretty much agree that there is a line somewhere between being bad and being acceptably selfish. If Bob had found the purse and not given it back, it wouldn’t have been as bad.

So, what is pure evil?

Doing bad things for personal gain is not pure evil. It’s bad, but its more a question of degree. You do not hurt for no reason. You want more for less work and believe another’s pain is worth less than your pleasure. We are all like that, if only by omission.

We know children are starving, but we still buy that flat screen TV. Our pleasure is worth more than their pain. Each of us draws a line where we justify our actions so as to be a good person. Society draws that line also. Even the mafia boss helps his family and people close to him.

When hurting becomes pure pleasure, with no other gain, is it pure evil? Or does it become a mental disease. If real evil is just crazy, then it is not really evil.

The only ones that harm for abstract pleasure and that are not considered crazy are the religious extremists.

Do you believe in evil?


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