Pedophile priests

With child abuse scandals in the catholic church worldwide, a few questions come to mind:

1. Why are there so many?

2. Why did the church not handle the situation?

3. Why has this not been considered organized crime?

4. Why have devout catholics not fled the church in droves over what has happened?

1. Roughly 4% of catholic priests in the US were accused of child abuse between 1950 and 2000. 4% is actually only slightly over other professions dealing with children such as school teachers. Of course we would expect better from representatives of god. Forced celibacy must add kindle to the fire.

2. So, men are men, priests are the same… In any other institution, the abuser would be forcibly removed from the children and turned over to the authorities for judgment. But why did the church put its (short term) reputation before the safety of the children in its care? Is the church so scared of scandal that they choose to knowingly deliver innocent children (are there any other kind?) to recidivist child abusers? What other reason than protecting their reputation could there be?

3. Hiding and protecting serial child abusers from the law and directly delivering more children to be abused in an organized manner with knowledge and responsibility going up to the highest levels of the church. It sounds like human trafficking, right in front of our noses. Why is the church hierarchy not the target of criminal prosecution? How can any organization be above the law? How can we accept lame excuses and promises of reform?

4. So, society is cowardly, the church is too powerful. But individually, how can a devout catholic continue to go to her local church, knowing that they would have delivered her children to child abusers without remorse? How much power does the church have over people’s minds for them to accept such … evil?

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  • Bobbie Garnet Bees

    In response to items #2 and #3, the Canadian Armed Forces were very complicit in hiding the sexual abuse of military dependants at the hands of the base chaplains.
    Up here in Canada, the military operates outside of the civilian law.
    Members of the Canadian Armed Forces are subject to the Code of Service discipline as prescribed by the National Defence Act and the Queen’s Regulations and Orders.

    Back in my day when I was a kid growing up on various bases across Canada, the National Defence Act called for the commanding officer of the accused to review the results of the military police investigation and then approve or dismiss the charges brought against their subordinate.
    Under the structure of the Canadian Forces at the time, the base chaplain was always directly subordinate to the base commander.
    Speaking from personal experience, I know a lot of crap was buried to avoid embarrassment.

    The defective sections of the National Defence Act were ‘fixed’ in 1998, however in doing so, a legal brick wall was erected and any legal matter that was concluded prior to 1998 is forever off limits to any manner of investigation.

    So, the problem with pedophile priests is nothing unique to America. Pedophile priests happened all over the world.

    • Thanks for the comment. It shows that the problem is really widespread and is connected with other organizations protecting their secrets.

      • Bobbie Garnet Bees

        That’s usually how it works. An organization such as the Catholic Church uses its rather unique position within society to have other agencies cover for it.
        The federal government of Canada covered for the Catholic Church during the days of the church run residential schools for native children. Even law enforcement back then more often than not turned a blind eye to the failings of the church towards the children in the residential schools.
        And the church knew that it could count on the reluctance of the Canadian Armed Forces to ever allow the catholic chaplains to be prosecuted in the civilian justice system. Keep the crimes in house and prosecute via courts martial. That way the Canadian Forces keep their dirty secrets a secret and the Catholic Church keeps their secrets secret.

        • Upholding the reputation of the church is worth helping child abusers keep finding children, and at all levels of the church and state…

          • Bobbie Garnet Bees

            Yes, gotta protect that reputation at all costs.
            When the Canadian Forces conducted a courts martial for Captain Father Angus McRae back in 1980 they moved the courts martial “in -camera” even though the National Defence Act didn’t allow for an “in camera” courts martial for this style of courts martial.
            Because everything was done on the hush the general public had no idea of what Canadian Forces officer Captain Father Angus McRae had done. Subsequently when Angus McRae got out of prison he was sent to Southdown by the Edmonton Archdiocese. After he received his treatment he went into parish in Scarborough, Ontario. In 1989 he was arrested and convicted of molesting two boys. McRae was going to plead innocent until the Crown informed him that there were ten other children ready to come forward and make complaints against him.

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