Magical white-bearded guy watching if you are good or bad

Little Johnny is very excited, he can’t wait for Christmas. Santa Claus will bring him a lot of toys, because he had been a good boy. He is a little worried because there were a few times when he hadn’t been so good, like the time when he drew on the wall of his room. Mom and Dad had been really angry. Santa Claus must know, he knows everything. He watches every child around the world all year round and knows who is good and who is bad.

Very early on Christmas morning, Johnny sneaks down to see Santa Claus bringing his presents. But he sees his parents arranging the parcels under the tree. He understands that Santa doesn’t exist, it had been his parents all along. They hear him loudly crying on the stairs.

When Johnny is a little older, he wondered about what had happened. An omniscient, omnipresent magical white-bearded guy watching if you are good or bad to reward the first and punish the second. All these fairy tales sounded the same to him…

What better way to scare a child into obedience than to invent an invisible powerful being watching his every move and who will reward or punish him? Of course, the criteria for good or bad are never very clear, so whatever you do, you are worried that it is not good enough.


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