About this blog

You doubt your faith, question your religion

You have grown up and live in a religious environment. You have always believed in god, but you doubt. Religion is such a monolith, it is hard chip at it. It is scary to think that everything might just come crashing down.

On this blog, you will find simple stories, thought experiments, that help you think through some of the  big ideas around faith and religion. Let’s see where it brings you.

You are bullied in your non-belief, or are afraid to be

You do not believe, and you are afraid to affirm it in front of your family and friends who are religious. They have the bulldozer of certainty on their side and it is hard to stand up with just doubt and scepticism.

On this blog, you will find straight forward arguments, based on the simple process of thinking a few extra steps. It will give you the ammunition to stand up to what are, in the end, hollow arguments.

You don’t believe in god, but you don’t really care

Why fight? Life is easier to let them have their way. Everyone gets so excited when you bring up religion. It’s like politics, who needs the aggravation?

Like your political opinion, your secular conviction is worth fighting for. Religion is a negative force in the world, especially now. Take stock of the terrible things happening around the world, and close to you, under the cover of religion.

The basic idea: striving for a coherent worldview

The belief in a god, that follows you in your everyday life, should be a simple, harmonious experience. It should answer all your questions and everything should fit together beautifully. Everything should make sense.

But, in real life, this belief creates a fragmented experience. The stories and the rules are often mutually incompatible. And, more importantly, they are at odds with what you live every day and your actual behaviour.
This is called cognitive dissonance, and it puts a heavy strain on your mind. It brings its load of guilt, fear and close-mindedness. This can become hate, sectarianism and violence.

This blog presents examples of everyday

  • incoherences
  • logical fallacies
  • bad faith
  • overlooked evil
  • downplayed negative impacts
  • undeserved respect
  • disturbing correlations
  • hypocrisy
  • immorality
  • arrogance
  • double standards
  • power plays
  • ego trips
  • cause for guilt
  • fear
  • hate

Many prestigious authors, including Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, Dennet and many others have painstakingly analyzed historical contexts, philosophical conundrums, biological ramifications, cultural influences, geo-political situations in great detail, backed by elaborate research. I warmly recommend their books.

This blog takes a different, simpler path. The issues are not for scholars, they are not based on a detailed study of scripture or history. This blog tells simple stories, asks simple questions, based on common views of god. It turns out that, each time, there is no satisfying answer. The only coherent view of the world has no god.

Why me?

I am an atheist. I know there is no god in the same way I know there are no square circles. The common definition of god does not make sense.

I strongly believe that religion is a negative force in the world, manipulating and  pitching people against each other. I recognise that religion can bring comfort, but more like a dose for an addict, than as a friend.

I have read and thought and it is now time to share.

My name is John Elbing. I live in Switzerland.

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