Where do all the virgins come from?

Islam promises men the reward of 72 virgins in heaven. This is revolting and absurd on so many levels.

Women are promised nothing, heaven is a men’s club where women are mere objects for men’s pleasure. Is that what men dream of? Is that a reward?

Where do these virgins come from? How do you find 72 times more virgins than all the men? Is god stocking up on them in heaven? Where do the women go after death if they were not virgins? Do they go to heaven too? What do they do there?

If a women dies a virgin, does she get added to the hoard? Don’t die a virgin, you will become a prize!


6479937145_31fcf5a9b8THE 72 VIRGINS364230.full'You're sure? 72 bitches?'cartoon1339-heaven-arrival


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