Aren’t ancient gods ridiculous?

Boddi prays for his mother to get better. She had been in agony for days now. He is so scared. So Boddi prays.

The next day his mother is better. The worst is past. She is still weak, but she is definitively saved. Odin answered his prayers. Praise Odin!

What do you think of people who worship Jupiter, Bacchus, Cupid, Isis, Odin or Rama?

No one believes in the mythological gods anymore. If a strong belief system can go from main stream to being laughed at in mere centuries, how can you be sure that your’s won’t too, someday soon?

What makes your particular 21st century version worth more than any other version throughout history and across the world?


Do bad things happen because god is a dick?

Jane’s husband is out for a run, like every morning, and he has a sharp pain in his chest. He dies of a heart attack on the spot. Jane is devastated. He was so young, how could this happen?

Her best friend Betty tries to console her, she says that god works in mysterious ways. Jane feels better.

Mysterious ways

What Betty was saying is that there was a reason for her husband’s precocious death, we just cannot understand what it could be. God is up there, he planned everything, and killing off Jane’s husband was part of the plan.

How is that comforting? God has a plan, and that plan might include the death of someone close to you. Each of your love ones is just a time bomb in god’s plan.

Isn’t it more comforting to accept that bad things just happen, that there is no fatality? That Jane’s husband could have been saved?

Why do you think bad things happen?


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