Why does god hate amputees?

Helping people in Africa, Bob contracts the deadly Ebola virus. His wife and friends pray for him. And he heals. He is back to his healthy state.

Joe is on the job and a girder falls and pins him to the ground. There is nothing the doctors can do, he loses his right arm. His wife and friends pray for him. And nothing. Joe talks with friends, his spiritual leader, looks up miraculous healing online. He can find no trace of an amputee that was healed. Joe wonders why god hates amputees?

If god heals cancer and Ebola, why does he not heal amputees? How hard can it be to regrow a limb here or there? Reptiles can do it.

People believe that god answers prayers and heals people. There are numerous accounts of miraculous healing, including of the most terrible diseases. Why does he only heal « invisible » diseases, not more obvious ones? Why not accident victims?

Said no doctor ever

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