Which religion?

Olaf worships Odin. Just like everyone else in eleventh century Sweden. Bob worships Jesus. Just like everyone else in 20th century Alabama.

There is no doubt in your mind that your god, the one taught to you by your parents and worshipped by all your neighbours, is the one and only.

Out of hundreds or thousands of religions throughout time and around the world, only yours is true. Pretty lucky.

God chose one place, in one time, to reveal himself, and let everyone else, around the world and throughout time, worship false idols.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

How can this be? How can an actual god choose to reveal himself to a lonely tribe somewhere, sometime, in such an ambiguous way as to leave the world squabbling, if not out right killing each other, over who is right?

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Who created the creator?

Who created the creator?

One important argument for the existence of god is that of “first cause”. Something cannot come from nothing. The universe cannot have just popped out of nowhere. There must have been a creator!

Who created the creator? Where does god come from?

If you can accept that god just exists or has existed forever, why can’t you substitute « god » with « universe »?

We do not know why something exists at all, instead of nothing. But we are still looking.

Not knowing does not allow us to give up and say « god! ».


Can you choose to believe?

Bob tries to fall asleep, but he is too excited. His tooth is under his pillow and he wonders what the Tooth Fairy will bring him. He can’t wait to be tomorrow morning.

In the middle of the night, Bob startles awake. There was a loud crash in his room. He turns on the light and sees his mother by his bed. She had tripped over his toys in the dark. She is holding a little package. A little package just like those that the Tooth Fairy leaves under his pillow… He is sure it has been his parents all along. The Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist! Bob starts sobbing. He loved the idea of the Tooth Fairy.

Falling asleep thinking about the tooth fairy was so sweet. Now that feeling is lost forever. Could Bob decide to believe again? How could he choose to give up his doubts?

Mary is having a difficult week. She lost her job and does not know how she will pay her rent next month. She reassures herself thinking that god is watching her and will look out for her. Everything will be OK.

Joe also lost his job. He will be out on the street in a few weeks if he doesn’t find another job. He would like to believe in god and that he would take care of him. But he doesn’t. He just can’t.

Could he choose to believe in god? Somehow, through your education, your upbringing, the people who have influenced you, your experience, you believe or you don’t. How could you choose to throw away your doubts?

There is no free will in belief. Click To Tweet

If god chooses those to whom he is revealed, then it is his plan that atheists do not believe. Why doesn’t he make everyone believe?

If you have no power over your belief, how can doubt be criticised or faith praised? The best people can do is close their minds to doubt, refuse to consider questions, think about contradictions. Is that a quality we want to encourage?


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