Is god watching you only to keep count?

Bob goes about his day. He gets up, has breakfast, goes back to take a nice long shower and gets dressed. God watches him at every moment, even when he picks his nose. He is late to work and lies about traffic. To make up being yelled at by his boss, he steals office supplies. Bob eats diner with his wife, but they fight.

And god watches every second of all that. He is not too happy, but mostly he is bored out of his mind. He adds today’s acts to his enormous ledger, ready for the day Bob dies.

On Sunday, Bob confesses. God throws out Bob’s ledger and starts a new one.

God is watching you. Why?

God watches us for exactly two things: keeping a tally of our sins and starting over when we confess. He doesn’t intervene, saving us from an imminent danger. He doesn’t advise us on good courses of action. He doesn’t stop us from hurting others.

Since he’s watching, he could do more than just keep count.


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