Is he sending someone else to heaven in your place?

Free will explains why people do bad things. God gave us free will so that we could prove ourselves. When we pass judgment, we are rewarded with heaven for all eternity.

We strongly feel that « we » actually means what it usually means: we are the same person, with our memories, our character. Our power of decision, our free will.

If this is correct, basically god created a place where we have free will but there is only good. There is no violence, fear, hatred.
So what’s the point of our life on earth? Why couldn’t he have given us free will and a perfect society to start with? It’s not incompatible since that’s what heaven is.
Is it just to test us, just to be able to send some of us to hell for all eternity? Seems incredibly not cool, with emphasis on « incredibly ».

The other option is that when we go to heaven, we are no longer “we”. We are no longer the same person. Someone else is going to heaven in our place.

Heaven cannot make any sense. Either we are no longer « us » or it cannot be perfect.

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